Join our high class events in the private atmosphere of the smoking lounge and music lounge

Rampoldi is so much more than a charming restaurant with a breath-taking view on the Monte Carlo bay: it is also a glamorous club that draws the international jet set and gives life to the long nights of the city’s beau monde.
Within Rampoldi’s renewed philosophy of hospitality you are the protagonist of a programme of high class events, which comes to life in the smoking lounge and the music lounge, two new private environments where you are treated to a feeling of uniqueness and privilege.

After a dinner at Rampoldi, you are invited to enjoy the pleasures of tobacco, in an intimate and private venue. If you share the passion for cigars and you wish to discover the secrets that revolve around the marvelous world of slow smoking as an occasion for meeting, style and cultural commitment, you should consider becoming a member of Rampoldi’s cigar club. This venue has been made available following the restaurant’s recent renovation; it houses one hundred privately owned garages furnished with remote control, and is open only to members.
Prince Albert II of Monaco owns his chest here as well, embellished by House Grimaldi’s etched crest: the regular attendance of the Royal House members is further confirmation of their deep ties with the Rampoldi brand.




























Rampoldi’s other luxury to be enjoyed after dinner is the music lounge: this original private venue in the basement is truly a sight in the Monegasque nights. After a delectable dinner, you can rely on trendy music, lighting effects and a vast entertainment programme to get the energy you need to enjoy your evening until the late hours.
The resident DJs and the performances of artists from around the world all Friday and Saturday nights will make your soul resonate with their folk, blues and bossa nova acoustic pop melodies.

The mesmerizing atmosphere is further enhanced by a large digital screen that shows a dense jungle where barely perceivable micro-events appear and disappear.

Let yourself be astonished by the tremendous location and the awesome sound of Rampoldi’s music lounge!