Michelin rewards Rampoldi’s research and innovation

For those used to traveling, nothing is more precious than a book that illustrates and comments on the best restaurants in a nation.
You leaf through it, take inspiration, make your booking and thus are given a reasonable certainty to spend a pleasant lunch or dinner.
Since 1900, the Michelin Guide has been a paragon in the search for taste and hospitality, universally recognized for the scrupulous selection of restaurants it performs.
For Rampoldi being reviewed for the first time in the Red Guide is a source of pride of which we share the joy with our guests.
We like to read this success as a confirmation of our daily work aimed at:
– choosing only the best products offered by the market
– exalting the personality and creative sensibility of our chef Antonio Salvatore
– proposing a Franco-Italian Mediterranean cuisine that is open to influences from around the world
– ensuring a considerate and punctual waiting service
Book now your gourmet experience, now recommended by the Michelin Guide!