college culinaire de france

We are happy to announce that Rampoldi has been named Restaurant de Qualité, joining the movement recognized by Le Collège Culinaire de France born to synergize restaurateurs and producers who are committed to promoting the culinary heritage of tradition while embracing the future.
Many professionals and craftsmen have realized that they lack the necessary transparency towards customers who choose to go to eat at the restaurant. This is why they have joined together under a new motto: doing catering must be equivalent to doing quality food service, with products whose origins are known, traceable processes and with the intent of creating a healthier way of cooking, environmentally friendly and opposed to waste.
Here at Rampoldi we are proud to work on a daily basis to reach and guarantee this result to our guests. Come and visit us for lunch or dinner and we will have you fall in love with our idea of gourmet gastronomy: genuine, respectful of health and environment, sincere.