Here we continue to explore the selection of gourmet products curated by our chef Antonio Salvatore, purchasable directly in our restaurant.
The Sant’Andrea rice with the Rampoldi logo preserves the authenticity and naturalness of the rice land par excellence, the Vercellese, sown by the Cistercian monks since 1400.
The manufacturing company follows simple, non-industrialized processes, from sowing to seasoning, while the final step of the packaging takes place in a controlled or vacuum atmosphere.
Let yourself be intrigued by the original tube-shaped packaging: you will find that it fits perfectly with the practicality of the measuring cap.
This fine rice is characterized by medium grains with a compact structure and has a good consistency and absorption capacity.
If you have to prepare a rice salad, a timbale or even a dessert, there is no better variety to use in the kitchen!
Also, remember that Rampoldi-branded Sant’Andrea rice can be transformed into a tasty gift idea that you can share at home with those you love.
Don’t miss out on this quality opportunity!