Autumn is a heaven filled with delicacies for those with refined tastes. As the air becomes cooler and darkness falls earlier in the day, the will to treat oneself can only grow.
Here at Rampoldi we have felt the call of Piedmont’s white truffle and we are ready to share its aroma and flavour with all of our gourmet friends.

This is the menu that our chef Antonio Salvatore has dedicated to the most precious among all the gifts of the forest:

Fried egg with white truffle

Valeriana salad with sautéed porcini mushrooms, cheese cream and white truffle from Piedmont

Hand-chopped beef tartare with white truffle from Piedmont

Tagliolini with Parmesan cream and white truffle from Piedmont

Risotto with white Piedmont truffle and beef gravy

Turbot fillet with potato cream, mousseline sauce and white truffle from Piedmont

Angus Aberdeen tenderloin and white truffle from Piedmont

Are you ready to enjoy this intense experience that spans across the senses?
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