Rampoldi digital menu

Our digital menu combines security and simplicity

Our customers satisfaction has always been our first goal and pride. Today we know that this can only be reached by starting from their safety and well-being. We believe that it's possible to fully enjoy the best gastronomic experience only…
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Easter in Rampoldi: gourmet and chocolate

This year the Easter calendar is particularly favorable and tempts you with the prospect of a vacation to discover the unknown beauties of the Principality of Monaco. Set between the sea and the mountains, Monte Carlo is a special destination…
valentine's day at Rampoldi

At the table with love: celebrate your Valentine’s Day at Rampoldi

The most romantic weekend of the year is approaching and Monte Carlo surprises all lovers with its superb offer of restaurants, glamorous clubs, luxury hotels and wellness proposals. On the evening of February 14th, conquer your sweetheart with…

Enter the white truffle world with our special menu

This year too the magic italian white truffle season has arrived: the mushroom with an unmistakable scent, able to make every dish accompanied by it mouth watering. The most classic combinations and meat and fish pairings created by our chef…

Total glamour for New Year’s Eve party

Traditionally, celebrations are to be spent in a restaurant, surrounded with good company: your loved one, your friends, your whole family. New Year’s Eve party is already knocking at the door, and Monaco reacts by dressing up with timeless…
Rampoldi Lunch

The video-tale of Rampoldi’s lunch

You are in Monte Carlo. You wish to go and eat in a restaurant but you fear some nasty surprise… Suddenly, you might imagine: what if a person were to experience the best restaurant in Monaco, and then reveal to you all of its secrets, starting…
Lunch Rampoldi Monte Carlo

The new Rampoldi Lunch Menu: a symphony of flavors and allure

Starting from November 1st, Rampoldi’s cuisine concept gets doubled. In addition to the refined à la carte proposals for dinners and gourmet lunches, now a new option becomes available if you wish to enjoy a noon rich in flavour and fulfilment. Every…

Special Truffle Menu: taste the sublime

Autumn is a heaven filled with delicacies for those with refined tastes. As the air becomes cooler and darkness falls earlier in the day, the will to treat oneself can only grow. Here at Rampoldi we have felt the call of Piedmont’s white…
Rampoldi Monaco Grill


There is a mysterious charm in grilling: it’s an elementary way of cooking, apparently over 127,000 years old, but cool today even among gourmet chefs. Here at Rampoldi we have understood this trend and our chef Antonio Salvatore has inaugurated his luxury grill with a dedicated menu. He was bewitched – as you will be – by the ancient bond between mankind and fire, the delectable aroma that emanates from the embers, the amazing taste of the meat.


The Monaco Grand Prix is ​​one of the most impressive races since it takes place in the streets of the Principality. Our restaurant enjoys a privileged location to experience the event directly from its very heart. Chef Antonio Salvatore has created a special menu for the two days prior to the race: a gourmet itinerary ranging from Rampoldi's must-have creations to make you taste the sophisticated raw materials and their genial combinations.