This year too the magic italian white truffle season has arrived: the mushroom with an unmistakable scent, able to make every dish accompanied by it mouth watering.
The most classic combinations and meat and fish pairings created by our chef Antonio Salvatore are real delicacies that are waiting for you to be tasted.
Take a look at our proposals and treat you, your friends and family to a memorable dining experience that touches your head, senses and heart.

The White Truffle

Potatoes Cream, Poached Egg “au Gratin” with White Truffle

Beef Steak Tartare in Piedmont style with Concentrated Parmesan Sauce and White Truffle

Seasonal Salad with Mushrooms,Flakes of Parmesan Cheese and White Truffle

Fried Eggs with White Truffle

Tagliolini Pasta with White Truffle

Risotto with Parmesan Cheese, Hazelnuts and Meat Sauce with White Truffle

Turbot Fish Fillet with Leeks Vichyssoise, Porto Sauce and White Truffle

Beef Fillet with Meat Sauce and White Truffle