new year's eve at Rampoldi

2018 is about to end and we want to inspire those seeking for ideas to celebrate the arrival of the new year in a restaurant. In Rampoldi, the party atmosphere already envelops the rooms and seeps through the chef’s joyful temperament. Antonio Salvatore is preparing the final touches for a delicious menu: in Rampoldi you always find the perfect formula to bring family and friends together around an elegantly laid table.
Young and old, we want to please everyone, winking at tradition while innovating with our own touches of creativity.
The relationship of land and sea lights up each dish with a blend of Italian, French and Russian tastes that offers you the right amount of luck for the upcoming 2019.
Our splendid wine list with over two hundred labels enhances the gourmet journey and calls for wonderful toasts.
What’s more, there is no Gala without a live musical repertoire: this year the Sabino Live Band will participate with a performance of international scope. The series of dishes will be accompanied by the music of pianist Sabino Dell’Aspro and saxophonist Bruno Del Ben, accompanied by the intense voice of Alessandra Giubilato.
Exquisite dishes, sublime wines and engaging music: book now your table in Rampoldi to spend the glamorous-chic Veglione in Monte Carlo!
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New Year’s Eve Menu

The Starters

Duck Foie Gras with Grapes, Crunchy Hazelnuts, Goat Cheese and Red Wine Sauce
Royal Sea Bream Ceviche from Mediterranean Sea with Caviar

The Pasta and Risotto

Raviolis “del Plin” stuffed with Braised Meat, Cheese Fondue and White Truffle
Risotto with Red Shrimps from Sanremo and Saffron

The Main Courses

Blue Lobster with Citrus Fruits and Fennel
Goat Roulé with Fried Artichokes Puff Pastry “in Roman Style » and Lentils


Selection of Petits Fours “Rampoldi”

€ 300,00 per person drinks not included