The meticulous selection of the ingredient and the pursuit of quality push Rampoldi to enrich the wide range of recipes offered by chef Antonio Salvatore, who considers indispensable, today more than ever, the protection of the authenticity of the local product.
For this reason, by reading the new seasonal menu, the introduction of BIO and PGI products (Protected Geographical Indication) stands out between the lines, a brand attributed by the European Union to agricultural products, food or wines in order to guarantee the protection not only of the production system but also of the economy of the territories and the preservation of ecosystems and biodiversity.
The abbreviation BIO stands for the use of natural products from uncontaminated environments and subjected to strict safety checks.
At Rampoldi every gastronomic experience conveys emotions, and the flavors are always in balance between tradition and experimentation. The elegant cuisine, in addition to enhancing the product, respects the deepest identity of the ingredients and the natural cycle of the seasons.

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