Rampoldi digital menu
Our customers satisfaction has always been our first goal and pride. Today we know that this can only be reached by starting from their safety and well-being.
We believe that it’s possible to fully enjoy the best gastronomic experience only when in total peacefulness and confidence with the environment.
Our customers know they can trust Rampoldi: from the first day of reopening we have seriously adopted all the hygienic precautions and legal provisions, such as sanitization, carried out by a competent Company.
 Today we want to talk about another important security arrangement that is highly appreciated by our customers: the digital menu. We’ve set up all tables with a QRcode which, once framed, allows you to consult our menu on your mobile device with the option to select the language. You don’t need to download any apps.
Of course, no electronic device can ever replace the professionalism and great passion of our staff in describing and introducing dishes and menus.
We are waiting for you, come back and visit us in complete safety: book a table now.