Rampoldi Lunch

You are in Monte Carlo. You wish to go and eat in a restaurant but you fear some nasty surprise… Suddenly, you might imagine: what if a person were to experience the best restaurant in Monaco, and then reveal to you all of its secrets, starting from the strategic position next to the Place du Casino and ending into the beautiful meld of culture, VIP and the uniqueness of the land?
We just read your mind, and this will make you happy. Watch this video to discover more about the delicacies offered by our menu, the classic yet contemporary style of our chef Antonio Salvatore, the elegant atmosphere, the efficient service, our thoughts about etiquette and… a quick peak at the bill.
You can find here the video-tale of the lunch, but don’t forget: if you are looking for a place to have a romantic dinner in the beating heart of the glamorous Monte Carlo, this is the place for you.