Truffles have finally arrived at Rampoldi; our culinary luxury is now crowned by this raw material of excellence.

Our chef Antonio Salvatore selects only the finest pieces that have now begun to reach full maturity in the lands near Alba, a well-known area in which the fragrant and delicious mushroom is embodied in its best version: the white truffle of Alba.

The exclusivity of the white truffle is due to the scarce availability, which depends on seasonal as well as environmental factors. Italy is the first producer and exporter in the world of the tuber magnatum, prized in terms of quality and quantity.

We invite you to discover how the tradition of Italian cuisine, and the skilled hands of chef Antonio Salvatore, enhance this delicacy for your pleasure.

The White Truffle D’Alba

Potatoes Cream, Poached Egg “au Gratin” with White Truffle 29€

Beef Steak Tartare in Piedmont style with Concentrated Parmesan Sauce and White Truffle 33€

Fried Eggs with White Truffle 35€

Seasonal Salad with Mushrooms,Flakes of Parmesan Cheese and White Truffle 38€

Tagliolini Pasta with White Truffle 42€

Risotto with Parmesan Cheese, Hazelnuts and Meat Sauce with White Truffle 43€

Turbot Fish Fillet with Leeks Vichyssoise, Porto Sauce and White Truffle 65€

Beef Fillet with Meat Sauce and White Truffle 79€