Venice in Monte-Carlo

In the Principality of Monaco, the countdown has started for a high society event inspired to the magical charm of Venice’s Carnevale. Rampoldi is a proud partner of the second edition of “Venice in Monte Carlo – The Grand Masked Ball”, now graced by the high patronage of Prince Albert II. The event is scheduled from February 14th to 18th and is meant to be a celebration dedicated to all women and built upon the theme of universal love. If you are a dreamer wishing to immerse yourself into a phantasmagorical yet real universe, get ready to wear a mask and a fabulous Eighteenth Century costume to participate to this amazing experience. Saturday the 17th you will enjoy a gourmet dinner, enlivened by the philarmonic orchestra, by dancers, singers and acrobats. After that, inevitably you shall be spirited away by the masquerade under the moonlight in the Salle des Étoiles, which will be lit by candlelight and prepared for the occasion to recreate the feeling of the Età dei Dogi (the age of the venetian nobility).
To cap it all, on Sunday the 18th of February you shall be called to the Place du Casino and to the Café de Paris to enjoy a delicious hot chocolate while watching the parade of the artists and twirlers. Monte Carlo is ready to host hundreds of prominent celebrities, coming from the whole world to honor Venetian culture and its noblest traditions while paying their respects to the Principality. Delia-Grace Noble is the creator and organizer of the gala event, whose proceeds will be partially allocated to the Foyer de l’Enfance Princesse Charlène.

If you wish to be a king or queen for a night, you really should not miss this party devoted to classy entertainment!
For informations on the schedule and the entry price, you may consult the site