The magazine *Cote La Revue d’Azur* has dedicated a wonderful news report to our restaurant, written in French and English in the issue of May.
Spring is a time to enjoy trips outside the city and pleasant gastronomic discoveries… meanwhile, barely a stone’s throw from the famous Casino of Monte Carlo, the culinary institution of the Principality shines like a jewel, to the delight of regulars and passing tourists alike.
How could you resist the Italian touch of a genuinely Mediterranean cuisine, signed by chef Antonio Salvatore and enriched by so many international influences gathered during his trips and experiences abroad?
But there’s more. The many à la carte proposals harmonize with a sumptuous décor, completely renovated in 2016, with the addition of a private club. Rampoldi arouses wonder at every visit! And the new line of fresh takeaway products – pasta, caviar and saffron for sale at the restaurant – promises to extend the trail of gourmet emotions all the way home.
If you want to know more, read the whole article here (on page 89) and imagine when to book your lunch or dinner with us.