pasta di gragnano igp

The business horizons of Rampoldi are now expanded by a new line of gourmet products with refined packaging, ready to be purchased directly at the restaurant and in a few other elite sales outlets.
We have dedicated our very first effort to pasta, a symbol of the noblest Italian culinary tradition. This is just a taste, however: keep following us to discover the treasure chest of flavours we have in store for you!
Our chef Antonio Salvatore strongly wanted to set up a partnership with the historic Pastificio Gentile di Gragnano. This is an institution founded in 1876 that has become world famous for the mix of advanced production technologies and the artisan care put in the making of bronze drawn formats.
What is the idea behind this exciting project? Antonio’s passionate bond with his origins in Southern Italy, but also the desire to propose new, original ways of using quality food.
The noblest raw materials will come out of the restaurant and reach you wherever you want to amplify your gourmet experience.
Soon it will be possible to buy online the different pasta formats in special edition; they will become available in the Shop section of the Rampoldi site that is about to be born.
Don’t miss the next news: we will tell you about other delicacies, born from the imagination of our chef and from the partnership with excellent producers.