Today we talk about another delicacy from the basket of Rampoldi gourmet products: the spreadable licorice root cream. We chose to tie ourselves to Romano, the organic brand and DOP of Corigliano Calabro, to propose this preparation made exclusively with natural ingredients, enhanced by the unmistakable, sometimes balsamic, taste of the famous Calabrian liquorice. The refined glass package contains a goodness that tempts you with a spoonful: the spreadable licorice root cream is the perfect cadeau for the most refined palates. The particular taste and consistency make the crostini of summer dinners tasty, accompany fresh and seasoned cheeses, fill sweets like crêpes, pies, brioche, sponge cake and customize your tiramisu with originality.
As for the pasta we have already described here, also the licorice cream is in sale directly at the Rampoldi restaurant. Soon you can buy it online in the Shop section of the website. Keep following us to find out when it will be available!