Les Nouvelles Gastronomiques

Fantastic review from culinary expert Fabrice Roy on his Rampoldi lunch. https://cotedazur.julienbinz.com/Rampoldi-un-chef-de-31-ans-aux-commandes-des-cuisines_a321.html

Easyjet Traveller Magazine

Rampoldi chef Antonio Salvatore is flying high in Easyjet Traveller magazine (Pg 90). Described as one of the ‘world’s hottest yong chefs’. http://traveller.ink-live.com/html5/reader/production/default.aspx?pubname=&edid=803082fb-4b81-4d94-866d-41eae204bfbf

Corriere della Sera

Italy’s most widely read newspaper. An honour for Rampoldi to be featured in ‘La Royal Riviera’ by Enrica Roddolo.
Mr Carrington

Mister Carrington

UK blogger Mister Carrington dropped in for lunch and was delighted with what he found on the menu at Rampoldi. https://www.mrcarrington.co.uk/2018/04/rampoldi-monaco-review.html
Elena Stogova

Elena Stogova

Another fantastic review this time from Russian blogger Elena Stogova: https://stogova.com/rampoldi-monaco/

Food & Wine Magazine

Rampoldi chef Antonio Salvatore features in the world-famous Food & Wine magazine. Giving his expert advice on how to create the perfect risotto. http://www.foodandwine.com/how/risotto-mistakes-avoid-from-italian-chef

Avec Hannah

Rampoldi welcomed Blogger and Influencer Avec Hannah to lunch. Read her lovely review of her time in Monaco here: http://www.avechannah.com/weekend-a-monaco/?lang=fr
Radio MOnte Carlo

Radio Montecarlo

Always a pleasure to welcome Maurizio DiMaggio from Radio Montecarlo. Check out his video blog and review of Rampoldi, lus a behind the scenes look in the kitchen. http://www.radiomontecarlo.net/video/dimaggio-sempre-in-viaggio/242459/c-e-un-nuovo-chef-in-citta.html


"Rampoldi’s new head chef Antonio Salvatore begind the Monaco restaurant’s daring second act". A great profile feature on Antonio from Luxury UK lifestyle magazine Tempus. https://tempusmagazine.co.uk/news/rampoldis-new-head-chef-ant…

A bit of press release

Many sites and magazines – including some trade journals – have talked about us in these last months. We wish to thank all the journalists that gave us consideration and visibility, as we share here a selection of their articles. There…