A bit of press release

Many sites and magazines – including some trade journals – have talked about us in these last months. We wish to thank all the journalists that gave us consideration and visibility, as we share here a selection of their articles. There…

We are featured on Corriere della Sera’s “La Cucina”

Whether by grilling or barbecuing, the art of cooking with fire is trending more and more, not just in the rustic context of the kitchen, but in the world of gourmet cuisine as well. The difference between the two techniques is detailed in this article published on the food channel of Corriere della Sera, which also explains that a smoky aroma can be infused not just in meat and fish, but also in pizza, pasta, vegetables, vegetarian food such as tofu and even desserts.

Gilles Pudlowski puts Les pieds dans le plat of Rampoldi

Gilles Pudlowski, a renowned French journalist, writer and gastronomic critic, wrote about the new era of our restaurant on his blog Les pieds dans le plat. Architectural lifting, the creativity of young chef Antonio Salvatore with his fresh seasonal suggestions and the private club: a mix of perfect ingredients to be the protagonists of the monegasque food and wine scene.