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Our digital menu combines security and simplicity

Our customers satisfaction has always been our first goal and pride. Today we know that this can only be reached by starting from their safety and well-being. We believe that it’s possible to fully enjoy the best gastronomic experience only when in total peacefulness and confidence with the environment. Our customers know they can trust Rampoldi: from […]

A new beginning: June 4 is upon us

We are reopening because we have always been passionate about challenges. As soon as the government of the Principality gave the green light to a new beginning for the restaurant industry, we told ourselves that we could not keep you waiting any longer. Mark this date because very little is missing: Thursday 4 June is […]

Roasted and ground coffee capsules: top up your energy in one click

In these months when we were unable to welcome you to the restaurant, Rampoldi’s activities and projects have never stopped. We may have had to temporarily give up sociality and physical encounters, but we liked the idea of nourishing your pleasure, even at home. Making the experience of our fine dining brand increasingly complete and […]

Experience Valentine’s Day at the Rampoldi restaurant

The most romantic evening ever gets a special taste in the enchanting streets of the Principality of Monaco. Staring at the sea, strolling among the luxury boutiques or lost in the deep green of the Casino gardens, you will finally reach the golden perimeter of the legendary Carré d’Or and, if you’re looking for a […]

Buy Rampoldi-branded Sant’Andrea rice: authenticity in the tube pack

Here we continue to explore the selection of gourmet products curated by our chef Antonio Salvatore, purchasable directly in our restaurant. The Sant’Andrea rice with the Rampoldi logo preserves the authenticity and naturalness of the rice land par excellence, the Vercellese, sown by the Cistercian monks since 1400. The manufacturing company follows simple, non-industrialized processes, […]

Celebrate the New Year’s Eve dinner at Rampoldi

Your gourmet New Year’s Eve dinner at Rampoldi restaurant in Monte Carlo marries the Belle Époque atmosphere with the musical notes of Matteo Brancaleoni, performer of the best swing and jazz tradition. This year our chef Antonio Salvatore has prepared an irresistible and precious menu: foie gras, truffle, red shrimps, blue lobster and Angus beef […]

Enjoy the atmosphere of our restaurant in a video

All our philosophy and Rampoldi’s magical atmosphere is contained in this video Do you know that in the heart of Monte Carlo, barely a stone’s throw from the legendary Casino, our restaurant offers culinary emotions in a very stylish royal décor? We were born in 1946 but we completely renewed ourselves in 2016, along with […]

Antonio Salvatore is on the chef board of YCYW 2019

It is at the same time an honor and a great responsibility for our chef Antonio Salvatore to appear among the chef judges of the British national competition Young Chef Young Waiter 2019. The competition boasts 40 years of history, but this edition will feature a format completely renewed in the sign of dynamism and […]

Read what food writers say about us

The international food and wine press and many fine dining sites follow and appreciate our restaurant. In midsummer, we recommend reading two reports: the article in English published in Discover Southern Europe and the French story published by gourmetsandco.com  to find out more about this iconic venue of Monte Carlo, the favourite of Princess Grace […]